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How Much will Smart Homes Really Save on Your Power Bill?

By Alexandra Atkins

Choosing energy-efficient appliances and making the most of smart technology can save householders hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars on power bills each year.

From replacing old-style light globes with LEDs to investing in an automated energy management system to better understand usage, the potential to make dramatic savings is growing every day.

Household appliances and equipment account for about 33 per cent of energy consumption and about 45 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions in the average Australian household, so smart planning is key. Installing a water-efficient showerhead, as an example, can save a two-person household at least $160 a year on energy and water costs.

Recent developments in smart home technology and automation give householders even more power too.

For example, using the clothes line once a week instead of the dryer could save around $79 a year, and getting rid of the second fridge could save around $172 a year. That’s more than $400 a year saved.

But even bigger savings can be found.

An automated energy management system can target the biggest sources of energy use around the home and identify ways to live more efficiently.

Replacing old appliances with more energy-efficient ones is also a no-brainer.

There’s dramatic differences in the annual cost of using “old” versus new technology, from light globes to washing machines; where the difference between a one-star appliance and a 10-star is a staggering $160 a year more.


Light bulb        Wattage           Annual cost

Incandescent   60 kWh             $140

Halogen           42 kWh             $100

CFL                  15 kWh             $36

LED                 12 kWh             $28


Energy star rating     Wattage           Annual cost

1                                  795 kWh           $217.83

5                                  415 kWh           $113.71

10                                 184 kWh           $50.45


Energy star rating     Wattage           Annual cost

1                                   443 kWh           $121.46

5                                   156 kWh           $42.70

10                                 42 kWh             $11.56


Energy star       Wattage           Annual cost

1                      $328                $89.95

5                      $134                $36.84

10                    $44                  $12.07

Washing machine

Energy star rating       Wattage           Annual cost

1                                  622 kWh           $170.51

5                                  177 kWh           $48.42

10                                37 kWh             $10.04

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